Oh, how good is the feeling of a just tidied room and a spring clean? It’s a great feeling, but it doesn’t always stay that way!

We’ll step you through some easy tips on storing your stashes whilst keeping your home décor stylish.

Tidying up not sparking joy?

We loathe the thought of messy rooms and clothes piling up in a corner. We’ll tell you straight up: It doesn’t have to be this way. The perfect way to get your rooms tidy is to be clever about using your space by making it beautiful with storage options.

Luckily, you can create neat spaces with what you have.

Give your shelving space a super easy visual glow up.

Whether it’s your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or laundry, you can create more space for your items by placing them in baskets.

Woven storage baskets with handles come in handy by creating a drawer in your shelf space. By using different woven storage baskets, you can complement your home style.

Woven storage solutions in wicker and rattan natural fibres looks can give beach-y and boho relaxed vibes. Using thick, plush weaves in whites and soft greys can ooze the modern country look when matched with Hamptons style furniture.

Draw the line with mess

Speaking of drawers, have you tried the simple trick of using storage inside your drawers? Try using small storage baskets in your drawers, to create sections for your socks and underwear, so you can avoid the hassles of a jumble when you go fishing for that matching sock.

The visual mess drawers and cupboards can be simply transformed into neat baskets full of small items, linen or utensils.

Tip: Linen and towels can be folded tightly rolled before being placed in a storage basket.

Stashed but not forgotten

Keep those messy piles of washing off the floor and out of sight, neatly waiting for your next laundry day by using large woven hampers with lids. Woven hampers come in different weaves, textures and colours, so you’ll want to show them off rather than have them shut away in the laundry.

Store your throw rugs and cushions in plain sight by using baskets. This is a great option for when you’re low on cupboard space and have them conveniently within arms’ reach.

It doesn’t take much organising to use storage to stash your items, especially when it comes to picking up kids’ toys. Baskets can make a quick tidy up a breeze when unexpected visitors turn up.

Bedroom blitz

Rather than leaving your clothing or textiles strew, you have options to use key pieces of furniture that by design are functional to suit your room.

Occasional chairs and ottomans can be used to drape bedroom textiles such as extra blanket or throw rug.  Go one better with a beautiful fabric storage ottoman that can hold spare bedding, and doubles as a comfortable seat when putting on your shoes.

Have you tried other storage tricks in your home?

Talk to us about storage styling options and find your storage solutions when you come shopping with us.