When it comes to interior design, the focal point draws your attention immediately when you enter a room. Focal points in rooms can be a window or fireplace, however you can still create focal points with key pieces of decor.

Set your sights on elevating your space

Not all homes will be lucky to have a stunning fireplace with stonework, ornate mantlepiece features let alone remodelling in marble finishes. Luckily for clever stylists, and those who have a great eye for design, focal points can easily be created with furniture.

By selecting key pieces of furniture, you’ll be able to draw the attention of your guests and create an inviting and beautiful space.

More is more

You can start by using your focal point furniture piece such as a console, cabinet, or buffet and open up a world of styling options. Employ various decorations such as vases, statues, lamps, artificial floral arrangements and more to add layers of interest to draw and lead the eye freely on and around the focal point.

Mirrors or wall art are great statement pieces alone, or create really stand out focal points when placed on or above consoles or buffets. Styling your consoles and buffets with large mirrors or wall art allows the eye to enjoy the look of grandeur of the key piece of furniture without detracting from it.

It’s all in the details

You might think vignettes need to be small, but think of the bigger picture when you have an entire room to play with. You can end up with a lot of options, but don’t get too lost in what your focus is when it comes to adding decorations.

Try adding décor that will add depth to your furniture piece, such as lamps, large potted plants, statues and ornaments.

Styling with vignettes adds elements of interest and layers to your home decorating and should evoke your unique style. You can bring your beloved book and your favourite ornaments together into a vignette.

Colour me surprised

Contrasting pops of colour used in the right way can really highlight focal points in a room. A feature wall or feature wallpaper can’t easily be changed up like wall art so an easy way of styling with colours is to sample what’s in the room and apply it on a smaller scale.

Try using complementary colours in your décor and textiles such as floor rugs, cushions, throw rugs and decorative vessels.

Talk to us about a focal point styling session and find your style when you come shopping with us.