Christmas Style

Well, the festive season is all but here and that means it’s time to decorate! What’s your go-to Christmas style? There are so many options to choose from because we are excited, we’ve made a style guide to give you some inspiration!


Think big Fir Trees, covered in red and gold sparkling decorations, beautiful traditional Santa ornaments and maybe a nutcracker or angel. This style conjures the image of a stunning tree beside a cosy fireplace, with stockings hanging neatly (not exactly the reality here in Australia, but we can dream). To achieve this look:

  • Look for decorations in red, green and gold colour tones, embellished with glitter and jewels will be perfect!
  • Use traditional Christmas greenery and flowers like Poinsettias, pinecones, and berries!
  • For the gifts, use big gold bows to tie the look all together.


More and more we are embracing our unique country and summer Christmas weather, leaning into the Australiana trend! For this style we imagine a pine tree with modern decorations and baubles. This trend uses a lot of Australian plants, we are thinking wreaths made from native flora, rather than traditional looks, as well as bringing other little bits of nature in, be it the beach or the bush. To achieve this look:

  • Grab the trend with both hands and use a rustic bucket to stand your tree in. Go for baubles that steer away from traditional Christmas colours, and a *little* bit of tinsel won’t hurt!
  • Bring in as many native flowers as you like – they are fantastic as Christmas dinner center pieces in a vase or placed around the table.
  • Australians are a laid-back bunch, so gift wrapping looks great a little bit miss-matched, have fun and chose a funky print, there are plenty to be found!


This popular trend is great for those who maybe have a little bit of Grinch in them. It’s all about simplicity, grabbing a tree – perhaps a sparse, non-traditional tree and keeping decorations light, simply have just fairy lights looks perfect. This is a crisp, fresh approach to the Christmas style, helping to create a calming environment (perfect if you’re hosting the Christmas dinner). To achieve this look:

  • Choose a bare tree or even a wooden tree built from timber, decorate with a light hand.
  • Use nature for other decorations, grab branches and pinecones from outside and style with mason jars or beautiful bowls.
  • Keep neutral and natural in mind throughout when choosing other decorations.
  • Craft paper or basic wrap finished with string look fabulous under the tree in this style.

Our huge Christmas range in store will cover every style! You can choose to style in a particular fashion or go with your favorite Christmas looks, either way we have gorgeous decorations and gift ideas for everyone.