How to: Telling your story through vignettes

What is a vignette?

Originating from the French word “vigne”, which means “little vine”, a vignette can be a story; a short scene, to the point and . You can declutter and you won’t need to hide away your treasured items featuring them in plain sight.

How to Organise the Clutter and Set the Scene

You’ve read the home edit magazines, you’ve watched the TV shows on how to spark joy in your space and now you’re ready to get styling. But, where to start? Creating organisation out of the clutter is a skill and creating a beautiful home is a masterful art.

We’ll share some tips with you on how using a vignette can add layers and depth to your living spaces and turn your favourite items into evocative features of your living areas.

Don’t leave the odd one out

The numbers game does play a part in styling vignettes and keeping the display object numbers odd adds to the effects. Things cam come in threes, fives and sevens, and don’t have to be the same style of object.

Think outside the box

Framing is everything, however you’ll need to change your thinking from the traditional boxed symmetry and towards creating ‘A’ and ‘L’ shapes with your objects. You can arrange the objects you’d like to feature, some objects that can be arranged at different heights, asymmetric positioning and from there you can arrange your objects you’d like to feature

All about that base

Depending on the space, starting with the larger objects first and working your way down can define your ‘A’ or ‘L’ shape but have you thought about a base, such as a tray or a framed picture to ground your vignette? Arrange objects from smallest to biggest, or vice versa. Small objects look best in foreground, with the larger objects behind. A tray can hold objects and create a defined space where they may otherwise look cluttered. Featuring items beside the tray such as vases give height and lead the eye upwards in the arrangement.

More is more

Solo pieces don’t sit as well as groupings of themed objects. Rustic metal, rope and rattan, white washed vases, textures and fabrics work well together with stacks of books, featured ornaments, bottles and floral arrangements.

Most home styling follow basic rules which makes it very easy for you to create and express yourself through your own vignettes and tell your own unique story in your home.

What are your key items to create the perfect vignette?