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How to: Focal Point Styling

When it comes to interior design, the focal point draws your attention immediately when you enter a room. Focal points in rooms can be a window or fireplace, however you can still create focal points with key pieces of decor.

Set your sights on elevating your space

Not all homes will be lucky to have a stunning fireplace with stonework, ornate mantlepiece features let alone remodelling in marble finishes. Luckily for clever stylists, and those who have a great eye for design, focal points can easily be created with furniture.

By selecting key pieces of furniture, you’ll be able to draw the attention of your guests and create an inviting and beautiful space.

More is more

You can start by using your focal point furniture piece such as a console, cabinet, or buffet and open up a world of styling options. Employ various decorations such as vases, statues, lamps, artificial floral arrangements and more to add layers of interest to draw and lead the eye freely on and around the focal point.

Mirrors or wall art are great statement pieces alone, or create really stand out focal points when placed on or above consoles or buffets. Styling your consoles and buffets with large mirrors or wall art allows the eye to enjoy the look of grandeur of the key piece of furniture without detracting from it.

It’s all in the details

You might think vignettes need to be small, but think of the bigger picture when you have an entire room to play with. You can end up with a lot of options, but don’t get too lost in what your focus is when it comes to adding decorations.

Try adding décor that will add depth to your furniture piece, such as lamps, large potted plants, statues and ornaments.

Styling with vignettes adds elements of interest and layers to your home decorating and should evoke your unique style. You can bring your beloved book and your favourite ornaments together into a vignette.

Colour me surprised

Contrasting pops of colour used in the right way can really highlight focal points in a room. A feature wall or feature wallpaper can’t easily be changed up like wall art so an easy way of styling with colours is to sample what’s in the room and apply it on a smaller scale.

Try using complementary colours in your décor and textiles such as floor rugs, cushions, throw rugs and decorative vessels.

Talk to us about a focal point styling session and find your style when you come shopping with us.

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How To: Storing with Style

Oh, how good is the feeling of a just tidied room and a spring clean? It’s a great feeling, but it doesn’t always stay that way!

We’ll step you through some easy tips on storing your stashes whilst keeping your home décor stylish.

Tidying up not sparking joy?

We loathe the thought of messy rooms and clothes piling up in a corner. We’ll tell you straight up: It doesn’t have to be this way. The perfect way to get your rooms tidy is to be clever about using your space by making it beautiful with storage options.

Luckily, you can create neat spaces with what you have.

Give your shelving space a super easy visual glow up.

Whether it’s your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or laundry, you can create more space for your items by placing them in baskets.

Woven storage baskets with handles come in handy by creating a drawer in your shelf space. By using different woven storage baskets, you can complement your home style.

Woven storage solutions in wicker and rattan natural fibres looks can give beach-y and boho relaxed vibes. Using thick, plush weaves in whites and soft greys can ooze the modern country look when matched with Hamptons style furniture.

Draw the line with mess

Speaking of drawers, have you tried the simple trick of using storage inside your drawers? Try using small storage baskets in your drawers, to create sections for your socks and underwear, so you can avoid the hassles of a jumble when you go fishing for that matching sock.

The visual mess drawers and cupboards can be simply transformed into neat baskets full of small items, linen or utensils.

Tip: Linen and towels can be folded tightly rolled before being placed in a storage basket.

Stashed but not forgotten

Keep those messy piles of washing off the floor and out of sight, neatly waiting for your next laundry day by using large woven hampers with lids. Woven hampers come in different weaves, textures and colours, so you’ll want to show them off rather than have them shut away in the laundry.

Store your throw rugs and cushions in plain sight by using baskets. This is a great option for when you’re low on cupboard space and have them conveniently within arms’ reach.

It doesn’t take much organising to use storage to stash your items, especially when it comes to picking up kids’ toys. Baskets can make a quick tidy up a breeze when unexpected visitors turn up.

Bedroom blitz

Rather than leaving your clothing or textiles strew, you have options to use key pieces of furniture that by design are functional to suit your room.

Occasional chairs and ottomans can be used to drape bedroom textiles such as extra blanket or throw rug.  Go one better with a beautiful fabric storage ottoman that can hold spare bedding, and doubles as a comfortable seat when putting on your shoes.

Have you tried other storage tricks in your home?

Talk to us about storage styling options and find your storage solutions when you come shopping with us.

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Get the look: On trend country style feat. Hampton range

You can never tire of your classic styling but what about updating your classic look? Well, we’ve got news for you! Yes, you can update your styling and not break the bank.

Right now, country style is on trend, and you can give your home an easy refresh with a rustic update of key pieces.

Key features

The modern country style is about bringing all the beauty of a rustic, farmhouse look into the now using key pieces. Think reclaimed wood furniture, vintage-look gingham and woven textiles, and a mix of ceramic and ironware homewares.


Our Hampton Island Buffet is an example of crisp, clean lines of a functional yet stand out kitchen piece. Its crisp white finish with a wooden cedar top echoes the classic country look for your kitchen.

The beauty of a kitchen decorating is your kitchen wares can be left out! Display your kitchen ceramics, cookware and don’t forget your rolling pins by using open shelving and bench top vignettes. You can store your tea, coffee and sugar in rustic style canisters in either ceramic or metal and set in a vignette of three on a bench top or shelf.

Display your serving ware such as plates, cups and dishes neatly in open shelving or store them in a buffet that matches your country feel kitchen, such as our Hampton 4 door Buffet. Organise messy utensils by using a holder for your benchtop vignettes with wooden chopping boards. Don’t forget you can update your tea towel textiles simply from gingham checks to contemporary waffle weave.


Lift your living space by really harnessing the vintage look with wooden table tops, crisp white finishes and metal cabinet pulls. Picking key items like our Hampton Dining Table and Hampton Coffee Table means your styling becomes simple with changing your choice of décor rather than furniture when you feel like a refresh.

A great way to easily changeup your dining table style is to apply your farmhouse look through your choice of table runners, placements and napkins, and serving ware. Try natural fibres, natural fibres in prints, checks and waffle weave, ceramic dishes and a centrepiece. Go large with your centrepiece and gather a bundle garden flowers, branches of gum leaves or an artificial spray – really, you’re spoiled for choice from your garden, local florist or a walk in the park for ideas of bringing the outdoors inside with a homely feel.


Whilst you want to bring in farmhouse style, you don’t want it to put all your eggs in one basket with decorations alone. Rather than think about your decoration and where it will fit, try thinking about your room more broadly as a blank canvas, and identify key areas such as tabletops, soft furnishings and walls to decorate.
Ways to bring the country living look easily into a space is by using classic colours such as British racing green, oatmeal, royal blue and whites in your soft furnishings. You can then build on these hues in your textile choices, such as soft velvet greens, natural textured creams and accented prints in blues.

Let us know your ideal country living style.

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How to: Expand your space without extending your home

Are you running out of room and don’t have the budget for an extension? Or, maybe you’d like to put in a new wall but don’t have the ability to divide a whole new room? We hear you – and we’ve got your backs!!

Divide and conquer your space with a simple solution.

A quick and easy fix to create a new, functional space that you will love is to use a divider.

An easy way to create an area is to define that area with a privacy screen and a great way to enhance your living space style. Our Privacy screens come in a great range of fibres and colours nowadays, so you don’t have to settle for just a retro 70s look when you can capture a modern boho, mid-century modern or contemporary cane and rattan look.

Embrace the modern privacy screen that can divide your space and conquer your space problems without renovating your house.

Mirror, mirror on the wall – illusions are your best friend.

Another great way to create space where you’re limited is to use the power of optical illusions. Featuring a wall mirror, floor mirror or even a hall stand can visually create space in smaller rooms or dark colour scheme rooms.

Small or large mirrors have the ability to reflect depth and can be placed on or above console tables, and larger floor mirrors can take up wall space that would normally look finite and create added depth to a corner of your room.

More is more, right?

Rearranging your décor can also help with creating more space. Reducing clutter can be as simple as adjusting the placement of your favourite decorations, books and furnishings. Learning to drape a throw with cushions, create a vignette with your favourite decorations and coffee table books can allow you to lean into your personal tastes and create a living space that truly expresses your unique style.

Shop with the Importer in-store and find out from our styling team how you can enhance your home.

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