Product Guarantee

This product Guarantee is subject to the Australian Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (“Australian Consumer Law”). The benefits provided in this guarantee are in addition to other rights and remedies of a consumer under the Australian Consumer Law, and any other laws in relation to the products to which this Warranty relates.

The guarantee period commences from the date of sale.

This guarantee covers the replacement or repair of any product that has a manufacturing or material defect that is not the result of normal wear and tear, or a natural characteristic of the material used.

This guarantee does not cover products used for commercial purposes.

In the case of a “major defect” you are entitled to a replacement. If the goods cannot be replaced by exact or like product, then you are entitled to a refund or instore credit note.

1. In this document: “ACL” means the Australian Consumer Law.

a. “As Is” means a Product sold as floor stock, including any defects which have been pointed out to you at time of purchase.
b. “Guarantee Period” means the period described in your Tax Invoice that we warrant your Product will remain free of defects.
c. “Product” means a product sold or supplied by The Importer to You directly as a consumer.
d. “The Importer”, “Us” or “Our” means The Importer ABN 60 912 493 763
e. “Tax Invoice” means the tax invoice produced for the purchase of Products.
f. “Quality Guarantee” means this warranty against defects for Products sold or supplied to You by Us.
g. “You” means the person to whom a Product has been sold or supplied by Us.

2. Terms defined in this document have the same meaning when used on your Tax Invoice.

3. This Quality Guarantee is in addition to all the rights you have under the ACL or any Manufacturer’s Guarantee.


4. The Importer acknowledges that from the date of purchase, all Products will be free from defects for the Guarantee Period of 12 months

5. The Guarantee Period commences from the date of your Tax Invoice. If a Product is replaced, the Guarantee Period for that replacement Product expires on the same date as the Guarantee Period for the original Product.


6. Unless excluded under clause 11, this Quality Guarantee covers all parts and materials of the Product found to be defective in manufacturing or materials during the applicable Guarantee Period.

7. The remedies offered under this Quality Guarantee are available only to the original purchaser (or beneficiary) of a Product and are not transferrable.

8. You must advise us within 7 days when a defect is identified as failure to do so may adversely affect your rights to a remedy under the Quality Guarantee, particularly when your failure to advise us causes additional damage or defects in the Product.

9. Where a defect in the Product is identified within the Guarantee Period.

10. A Major Defect occurs when:

a. the Product would not have been acquired by a reasonable consumer if they were fully aware of the nature and extent of the defect; or
b. the Product is significantly different from any description, sample or model; or
c. the Product is unsafe.

Scuff marks, fabric pilling, puddling, wrinkles, loose stitching, tears to dust covers & small imperfections generally will not constitute a Major Defect under this Quality Guarantee.


11. Subject to consumer law, The Importer’s liability under this Quality Guarantee DOES NOT extend to:

a. damage, failure, fading, pilling, puddling, decompressions or deterioration caused by normal wear & tear; or

b. The customer uses the product in an abnormal manner for example if the product is abused, misused, dropped, crushed, impacted with any hard surface, exposed to extreme heat (including fire) or cold, not maintained properly or used after partial failure; or

c. neglect, incorrect assembly, placement, fixed to a wall in an incorrect manner or poor maintenance, including damage caused by failing to adhere to care/assembly or installation or the product has not been used or maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions as provided with the product; or

d. damage caused in circumstances where the Product has been used commercially or in a manner which is greater than, or exceptional to normal domestic use; or
e. breakage or damage to glass table tops or mirrors; or
f. damage caused by Acts of God; or
g. any products sold as seconds, as is floor stock, repaired products, or products that have a defect where this has been drawn to the customer’s attention before the purchase; or

h. The product’s serial number, as applied by the manufacturer, has been altered or removed from the product; or

i. The product has been modified, incorrectly adjusted or operated, subjected to incorrect electrical supply or inconsistent electrical supply or used with inappropriate accessories.

12. Notwithstanding any other wording on your Tax Invoice, the applicable Guarantee Period for Products sold “As Is” is 6 months.



Pilling is a very normal process that occurs in varying degrees with the daily usage of fabric upholstery.

It is often mistaken as a fabric or manufacturer fault and is not considered a warranty issue.

What is pilling?

As the fabric surface of your furniture is rubbed, a single or small group of loose fibres begin to twist upon themselves forming tiny balls of fluff or “pills”. when friction occurs.

It is a very natural and normal tendency of fabric.

What causes pilling?

Clothing & throw rugs or blankets – can transfer from the clothing/throw to the furniture fabric or cause friction that causes the fabric causing it to pill.


How do you fix pilling?

Pilling is mostly successfully removed with battery operated pilling tools available from many retailers or sold readily online.

Will this process damage my Furniture?

“De-pilling” only removes unsightly loose surface fibres and does not affect the fabric performance.

don’t not use razors/ razor blades or even some lint removers on pill and these may damage/cut or rub the fabric.

We recommend regular maintenance to remove the pilling and improve the look of the fabric.


With use, you may notice the upholstery becomes less taut on the surface. This is known as puddling or comfort creases and is a natural result of the upholstery stretching. This is not considered a warranty issue.


To ensure your Furniture is kept at its best, keep it or away from direct sunlight & all heat sources to minimize fading, splitting or warping of your furniture.

Fading is a normal process of all product types and loss of colour, shape or any damage caused by direct sunlight or heat sources will not be considered a warranty issue.


If you move your furniture, always lift at each end, from the base and with assistance.

Take care not to tip furniture on its end in a manner that will not put pressure on the legs and cause breakages or damage.

Do not drag your furniture as this may also cause damage.

Breakages from lifting or dragging your furniture in the incorrect manner will not be covered under guarantee.


Keep recliner mechanisms & moving parts of furniture free from toys or objects that may get stuck and cause damage to mechanisms as damage caused in this manner this is not considered to be a manufacturer’s fault.

Removable cushions will need regular plumping to ensure even distribution of filling to maintain their shape.

Do not sit or climb on sofa arms or backs, your product is not designed to withhold body weight in that manner and may cause damage, decompression of cushions or cause it to tip.

Rotate seating usage or cushions where possible to prevent uneven wear and tear and loss of structure or support.

Products may be a little firmer than the one you sat on in-store or when they are new, Springs, foam & fill will naturally decompress over time with usage, this can vary considerably due to sofa design and usage. This is completely normal.

As much as we love our pets! We recommend not allowing pets to sit/scratch/jump on any products as it may cause excessive pilling, pudding, decompressions or damage that cannot be covered under our product guarantee

Immediately after delivery, you may notice compression of padding or cushions, or creases in the fabric. This is completely natural from packing and will rectify itself within the first 2-3 months of usage.

If you are removing any protective wrapping, do not use any sharp tools which could damage the fabric or leather.


14. To make a claim under this Quality Guarantee, pls complete the “Warranty Claim Form” and either mail or post to the store the product was purchased from with a copy of your proof of purchase for assessment. We will endeavour to provide a response as soon as possible.