Product Guarantee

Our product come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. In the case of a “major defect” you are entitled to a replacement. If the goods cannot be replaced by exact or like product then you are entitled to a refund or instore credit note.

1. In this document: “ACL” means the Australian Consumer Law.

a. “As Is” means a Product sold as floor stock, including any defects which have been pointed out to you at time of purchase.
b. “Guarantee Period” means the period described in your Tax Invoice that we warrant your Product will remain free of defects.
c. “Manufacturer’s Guarantee” means an express guarantee or warranty provided by the manufacturer of a Product.
d. “Product” means a product sold or supplied by The Importer to You directly as a consumer.
e. “The Importer”, “Us” or “Our” means The Importer ABN 60 912 493 763
f. “Tax Invoice” means the tax invoice produced for the purchase of Products.
g. “Quality Guarantee” means this warranty against defects for Products sold or supplied to You by Us.
h. “You” means the person to whom a Product has been sold or supplied by Us.

2. Terms defined in this document have the same meaning when used in your Tax Invoice.

3. This Quality Guarantee is in addition to all the rights you have under the ACL or any Manufacturer’s Guarantee.


4. The Importer acknowledges that from the date of purchase, all Products will be free from defects for the Guarantee Period described in your Tax Invoice.

5. The Guarantee Period commences from the date of your Tax Invoice. If a Product is replaced, the Guarantee Period for that replacement Product expires on the same date as the Guarantee Period for the original Product.


6. Unless excluded under clause 11, this Quality Guarantee covers all parts and materials of the Product found to be defective in manufacturing or materials during the applicable Guarantee Period.

7. The remedies offered under this Quality Guarantee are available only to the original purchaser (or beneficiary) of a Product and are not transferrable.

8. You must advise us within 7 days when a defect is identified as failure to do so may adversely affect your rights to a remedy under the Quality Guarantee, particularly when your failure to advise us causes additional damage or defects in the Product.

9. Where a defect in the Product is identified within the Guarantee Period which:

10. A Major Defect occurs when:

a. the Product would not have been acquired by a reasonable consumer fully aware of the nature and extent of the defect; or
b. the Product is significantly different from any description, sample or model; or
c. the Product is unsafe.

Scuff marks, fabric pilling, loose stitching, tears to dust covers & small tears generally will not constitute a Major Defect under this Quality Guarantee.

11. The Importer’s liability under this Quality Guarantee DOES NOT extend to:
a. damage, failure, fading, or deterioration caused by normal wear & tear; or
b. damage caused by improper use, abuse, neglect, assembly, placement, storage care or maintenance, including damage caused by failing to adhere to care instructions; or
c. damage caused in circumstances where the Product has been used commercially or in a manner which is greater than, or exceptional to normal domestic use; or
d. breakage or damage to glass table tops or mirrors; or
e. damage caused by Acts of God; or
f. defects in Products sold “As Is” which have been brought to your attention prior to purchase.

12. Notwithstanding any other wording on your Tax Invoice, the applicable Guarantee Period for Products sold “As Is” is 6 months.


13. To make a claim under this Quality Guarantee, pls complete the “Warranty Claim Form” and either mail or post to the store the product was purchased from for assessment. We will endeavour to provide a response as soon as possible.