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Get the look: Light vs Dark

There’s no better way to solve a problem with a valid argument! We have so many styling tips but one of the biggest questions is which colour sofa do you buy – dark or light? And that’s before we even get to the question of what types of cushions and throw rugs will match well.

Setting up your base is a great way to start your style scene and colour matching. A great example of choosing between two colour options is our popular Gibraltar sofa available in Camel and Charcoal.

Go Neutral

Going with a light-coloured sofa can open up your living space visually. Choosing a neutral means you can pair it with both warm and cool colour schemes depending on the season. Matching a neutral rug and homewares and adding a pop of colour can really make the blank canvas stand out and look effortlessly stylish.

A really great aspect of lighter coloured sofas is the ability to warm up a room using wood finishes such as rustic or warm wood timber pieces, add warm ochre, Terracotta & salmon hues (think warm Moroccan sunsets).

Going over to the dark side

You might think turning to the dark side is a bad thing, but when it comes to choosing a sofa you can easily go with the darker colours with simple styling elements. You can still brighten a room with a dark sofa by choosing complementary hues or you can opt to go a dramatic and evocative look by deliberately choosing dark tones.

Choosing homewares and decorations in matte black and adding different textures can really set the mood with dark themed rooms. Although you might think a room with dark painted walls and furnishings feels smaller, you can bring in visual contrasts such as white or lighter toned vases, different textured decorations and a framed mirror to give the room a more spacious feel.

By focussing on your styling, you can open up a tonne of options for a great looking living space and flexibility to change the look seasonally instead of changing your sofa!

So, which would you choose – Light or Dark?

The Importer has a huge range of sofas, armchairs, occasional furniture plus homewares available in-store. Call your local store in Launceston, Kingston or Cooee for stock availability.

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Get the look: Throw Rug Styling

To throw or not to throw

There’s nothing cosier than snuggling up in a warm blanket on your favourite sofa. There’s no need to drag the covers from the bedroom when you can style a throw rug, avoid messy blankets and stay cosy.

A throw rug can become a stylish feature of your lounger, it can brighten up a room and add complementary textures to cushions and decorations.

It’s a simple yet functional way to add your own flair to your décor and provide an inviting lounging area.

It’s all in the wrist

Aside from tossing an unfolded rug over your lounge or armchair, you can try some basic folds to provide depth and layering to your furniture.

Try folding your blanket into thirds by holding it out in front of you and folding both ends into the middle. Drape the throw over the back of your sofa, across it or over the arm.

You can opt to fold it in half again to shorten the length if you wish to throw it over the arm of the sofa or a smaller seat such as an armchair. Depending on the number of people seated, folding your throw into thirds can allow the rug to remain styled in place.

The Drape Effect

Folds can make all the difference to the way a throw will sit across furniture. You can try folding into halves or even quarters and drape across the sofa or arm which will avoid a messy rumpled look.

For a more casual, tussled look, you can simply cascade a throw over the side of the sofa, across the back of the sofa itself or an armchair.

The Tuck

For those who have a high traffic seating arrangement, you can casually style in tuck to help keep the throw stay put and also not fall of edges depending on the length of the throw and the size of your sofa or armchair.

Try a quarter fold, and tucking in one end of the throw rug and leave the open end draped over the arm of a sofa or chair. This makes the throw rug readily available to add a layer of warmth when you’re viewing your favourite lifestyle tv show.

Add a plush one

More is more when it comes to plush comfort. Adding cushions of different colour, texture and sizes on a sofa and placing them over a throw rug can highlight your seating area, create a really inviting seating space and complement the fabrics of your sofa and throw rug.

Try adding cushions of different fabric such as faux mink, woven, velvet with faux fur, wool, or boucle throw rug textures.

Colour me happy

Sometimes colour matching can be a challenge but not to worry – there’s always options! If you have a neutral colour setting, you can easily coordinate bright colours to add vibrancy. Hues and tones with a pop of colour can be very eye catching and you really let your style loose selecting from a rainbow of colours.

If your living space and sofa or armchair a few different colours that you’re finding hard to match, you can opt for neutrals, bringing a more sedate styling of throw rug.

When choosing neutral colours, you can add your own flair by complementing your sofa and throw with similar toned but different textured cushions.
Additionally, changing your mind with the seasons is always a great idea. Choose cool, bright colours to add a summer flavour and deeper, warm tones for the cooler weather.

Show us your throw styling and share with us on Instagram.

The Importer has a huge range of sofas, armchairs, occasional furniture plus homewares available in-store. Call your local store in Launceston, Kingston or Cooee for stock availability.

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