So many of us love the beach- the relaxation, the fun and the beautiful views… so it makes sense we want to bring that feeling into our homes!

The classic coastal style is bright, white, airy with beautiful timbers and textures mixed in, it’s all about letting beachside nature in.

Follow our tips to create a relaxing coastal vibe in your home.

Mix Wood Textures

If you’re lucky enough to be working with a room that already has a timber floor, ceiling or walls – use them! Make these features stand out by bringing furniture and decorative items into the room that mix up timber colours. We suggest rattan coffee tables, side tables or cabinets, whitewashed timber pieces also will look fabulous. Then layer this look by adding decorative pieces like stools and wall décor. Always go for a rustic look when choosing timber items.

Light Colored Upholstered Furniture

When selecting furniture for the space, go with light colours for the couch, ottomans or covered stools. This is a fabulous contrast to timber pieces and will help to brighten the space. Large, plush lounge suites are also perfect for a coastal look.


Seek out woven or jute mats to bring things together on the floor. Light and natural-coloured rugs are key here to keep the room bright, if you have timber floors choose a small rug that will add an element to the room without covering up the beautiful floor.

Wall Art

On the walls, add either a breezy canvas that uses blues and natural colours throughout the image, you may want to include artwork of the beach with sand. When opting for a canvas, go for frames that have light timber frames, to tie the piece into the room. The other option for wall art is art made from natural fibres, for example, a woven piece!

Creating coastal style is about making a relaxing space so go with your instincts and choose pieces you find to have a calming effect and bring purpose to the room.

If you love this style idea or have always dreamt of a coastal home, come and see us in-store!